Sunday, May 22, 2022
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The crypto sphere which is yet to meet the bulls of 2022, spectates historic events as the buzz around Ripple’s lawsuit voices loud. The longstanding demand of XRP enthusiasts and the crypto fraternity now seems to be falling in place. As the court orders the SEC to turn over the documents, which they deemed as DPP.

The recent ruling by the United States District Court, Southern District Of New York has escorted the much-needed relief. As the documents will help Ripple weigh heavy in its legal tussle. In succession, the XRP army is now looking forward to a bullish trek towards higher gains in view of the recent ruling and the protocols’ growing utility.

Will This Curtail The Hegemony Of The SEC?

It is now widely known to folks from the industry that the SEC has been holding back several documents. Ripple has been asking for “Deliberative Process Privilege” (DPP), which has limited Ripple’s stance against the SEC. Ripple had sought access to 14 separate entries and three additional documents. Successively, Attorney James K. Filan has shared the ruling made by the court. 

In a recent ruling, Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn of the United States District Court, Southern District Of New York. Has ruled over certain documents to be turned over, which were deemed by the SEC as DPP. The documents which are to be turned over includes, entrants 1(A), 1(C), 1(D), 1(E), 1(F), 1(H), 1(I), 1(J), 1(K), 1(N), 1(P), alongside the Hinman’s speech.

Referring to Hinman’s speech being held as privileged, Judge Sarah Netburn cited that, “The personal views of the employees are not protected under the privilege unless they bear on the formulation or exercise of policy-oriented judgment”. It is further cited that, “In accordance, emails referring to the speech or draft versions are neither pre decisional nor deliberative agency documents entitled to protection”.

Is XRP Price Geared Up For The Moon? 

The digital asset at the time of press is trading at $0.780, with the volume of trades for 24-hours at $1,969,995,756. XRP price did breach the peaks of 24-hours at $0.7844. While the asset is hovering closer to its crucial support zones, a breakthrough above $0.8 would be detrimental for the asset’s bullish leg-up.

Summing up, with the case falling heavier on Ripple’s side alongside, the firm’s move towards NFTs, with their developmental initiatives. And the partnerships with Palau, are bullish catalysts that will collectively back XRP in its trek to reclaim its lost virtues in near future. Moreover, the ruling being a positive note for Ripple will be dreadening for the SEC’s irrational stance on its case and the crypto industry.

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