Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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The SandBox(SAND) Price Attempts to go Parabolic

The Sandbox price ever since reached its highs close to $7, began with a huge descending trend. The asset attempted to stand along with the strong support levels around $4.7, yet the recent crash dragged the price much below but the asset successfully sustained above $4. However, the recent boost uplifted the price above these levels to reach $5 and began consolidating yet again.

Currently, the price after surpassing the crucial resistance is yet again hovering close to the lower support levels from the past trading day. However, the asset is manifesting huge strength as its refusing to break down these levels and attempts to sustain strongly above $5. Moreover, with a little greater intensity, the asset could hit $5.5 surpassing the strong resistance levels around $5.2. Trending within a raising wedge the asset has a chance to experience a notable pullback again towards the support levels before resuming with the bull run.

Decentraland(MANA) Price Attempts a 10% Spike in Next 24 hours

The ERC-20 token had risen like a monster and rallied close to $6 and since then the asset failed to find the same bullish momentum. And currently, the asset replicated a similar spike but with very less intensity having the highs around just below $4. However, the recent crash in the first week of December dragged the price much below the support levels which was fully recovered during the same trading day. 

The asset after visiting the lows somewhere around $2.5 flipped a couple of times and is currently attempting to undergo a ‘V-shaped’ recovery. The neckline of the patterns reside along with the strong resistance levels at $3.4. It was observed in the past that these levels do not hold the price for a long time and a large influx of volume is required to pierce through these levels. Else the price may get rejected again as before and may continue to hover within the same levels yet again.

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