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By Parasshuram Shalgar
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Users are bashing Norton for introducing a crypto-miner feature, “Norton Crypto” in the Norton 360 software. The move has been seen as an attempt to trap the public into installing crypto software on their computers. The users are feeling betrayed, and many of them have uninstalled the software and canceling subscriptions.

The Verge reports that Norton announced the addition of the crypto miner to the security software. It suggested that users enjoy a better experience and not use complicated mining techniques.

Crypto Miner Needs Permission To Operate

The program was accessible to only a few users initially, but it managed to spread among the masses as the popularity grew. Norton stated that the software comes in handy in installing several mining programs from the internet. After the unwarranted installation of the crypto miner, the users took to Twitter to express their grief over the issue.

The reports suggest that Norton does not automatically start mining; it needs permission to perform any activity. Several users confirmed that the crypto miner did nothing on their computer until they consented.

The Norton Crypto starts mining Ethereum after setting up a wallet on the computer. The crypto-miner requires Nvidia or AMD cards with a minimum of 6 GB of storage for proper functioning. The users will receive their earnings in the wallet; they can only withdraw after reaching a threshold. The program provides people with lucrative offers to draw their attention. However, it takes a significant portion of the earnings through mining.

The Program Does Not Ensure Significant Profits

The program deducts 15% of the total profits of users. Other operators in the market are significantly cheaper; besides the deductions, the program charges a healthy subscription from users, which adds to its list of cons.

The Verge report adds that users are unlikely to derive sufficient profits from Ethereum mining to cover the software charges. Evidence indicates that Norton has introduced the scheme to draw profits and leave users at a loss. The users have to pay for power and electricity and the mining charges. The program fails to gain the public’s trust due to countless downsides.


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