Top 5 Performing Wallets For NFTs, Including Coinbase Wallet

Published January 3, 2022

The publicity about NFTs is actual! non-fungible token proficiency is well known to us. Today, NFTs are phenomenal tools for tokenizing real-world and digital resources with an enhanced value. 

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) incorporate the value of uniqueness & due to this uniqueness, it is highly valued today. Having said that, it’s quite necessary to have a look at the most approved NFT wallets. Since you’re here, let’s together find out the top 5 wallets to store your NFTs.

Before that, let’s have a look at why we need NFT wallets?

Understanding NFT Wallets

NFT wallets are digital wallets where you can very easily store NFTs and cryptocurrencies/blockchains at the same place. You can even collect extra assets apart from purchasing things with the assets you own. 

List of Top 5 NFT Wallets 

Today, there’s a huge expansion & development of the non-fungible token space. This expansion has resulted in the imminent rise of the most popular NFT wallets. Be that as it may, the phenomenon has even led to innumerable complexities for NFT users. Below is the list of 5 top NFT wallets you can use in the world of NFTs.

  • Metamask

The supreme choice among the list of best NFT wallets would be Metamask. Metamask originated as a browser extension with uninterrupted connections between users and decentralized applications. 

ConsenSys – the company which launched Metamask, introduced the mobile version of Metamask in 2020. The features here are the easy interface for the collection of NFT tokens & hassle-free interactions with other decentralized applications. 

Users can use Metamask to create an Ethereum wallet for establishing a direct connection with all Ethereum-based platforms. Henceforth, with this NFT wallet, users can easily mint and trade. 

  • Coinbase Wallet

Flexibility is guaranteed on behalf of the NFT transactions via Coinbase Wallet. The Coinbase Wallet holds a place among the top 5 NFT wallets because it’s highly suitable for beginners. Coinbase allows users to send & receive NFTs with usernames rather than public wallet addresses. Hence, beginners can very easily deal with NFTs with this wallet.

Having said that, Coinbase Wallet reinforces many notable assets in the crypto world like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, ERC-20 tokens, etc. this NFT wallet is a user-friendly NFT app that helps you in holding your assets. 

  • AlphaWallet

The next most-opt wallet for NFTs will lead you towards AlphaWallet. You need not go any further than AlphaWallet for an open-source blockchain wallet. AlphaWallet directly supports applications namely Chainz Arena, OpenSea, CryptoKitties, etc. It’s contingent on Ethereum and assists the proper functioning of minting & collecting NFTs.

Furthermore, users can expect compatibility with all-entertainment assets based on Ethereum with AlphaWallet. AlphaWallet is available on mobile and many open-source tools to support finance businesses, art creators, and developers on various blockchain-related tokenization. 

  • Enjin

You can indeed pause by Enjin while considering the top NFT wallet. Enjin is one of the compulsive blockchain-based wallets that authorize the collection of in-game NFTs associated with several other collectibles. You will get an option to hold NFTs & cryptocurrencies with Enjin wallet. 

The most favorable factor of Enjin is it offers the best NFT wallet with a beautiful UI for the NFT collection. The Enjin NFT wallet also provides a marketplace for licensing the trade of digital assets. For this, users might have to utilize the native token of the Enjin project, that is, ENJ, in the marketplace. 

  • Trust Wallet

Users can also go with Trust Wallet as another good choice among the most popular NFT wallets. Currently, Trust Wallet has 5 million-plus active users. On this NFT wallet, you can root out a long list of decentralized apps for art marketplaces. Using this wallet will ensure one-click access to websites like Axie Infinity, OpenSea, etc.

Trust Wallet doesn’t have the feature of NFT transfers, but it does store and manage assets on the platform. Moreover, Trust Wallet offers residential integration for popular chains such as Ethereum Classic, Binance Smart Chain, etc. 

Final Thoughts 

Here and now, you must be well aware of the top 5 wallets to store NFTs. 2021 isn’t less than any colossal revolution in the world of technology. This year confronted people to witness the vast financial panorama associated with the non-fungible token. Gradually, many among us have started to show curiosity about NFTs. And, so it’s obvious to experience an increased demand for the best NFT wallet

All in all, you must remember that we’re still in the inaugural stage of NFT collection and trading. Henceforth, it’s crucial to have proper knowledge about the basics, such as an NFT wallet, to gain the most of his new and emerging domain. Just go & pick up the best among the top NFT wallets mentioned above. What are you waiting for?

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