• Bitsgap gives traders the option of using a terminal that allows you to place numerous types of orders for buying and exchanging digital assets without interfacing with exchanges directly.
  • The Bitsgap trading software runs in the cloud and does not require users to install software on their computers.
  • Utilizing high-performance trading GRID-based bots, users can execute up to 1,000 transactions per hour using high-frequency trading.

The trading of cryptocurrencies can be done through different methods and the results vary based on how people approach this industry.

Bitsgap is a platform for trading that addresses the inefficiencies of the market for cryptocurrency. Manual trading is still viable, but it’s not without serious shortcomings that must be fixed.

Bitsgap changes the way cryptocurrency enthusiasts can access and trade digital assets.

Its trading terminal is powerful and eliminates the need to have separate trading platforms and exchange accounts.

Additionally, users can use multiple order types to purchase and sell currencies without ever having to leave Bitsgap.

The trading terminal is just one part of the crypto trading puzzle. Users who have engaged in manual trading are aware of the various inefficiencies that affect profit potential.

The disadvantages of manual trading, like sitting at the computer or trading on emotions, can be overcome with an innovative strategy.

With Bitsgap, users can gain access to any cryptocurrency they wish via the cloud-based, powerful trading terminal software.

Dedicated servers handle all the necessary workloads, making the team’s solution available on all kinds of devices to give users the ability to explore new markets and maximize their profit potential..

Bitsgap is also introducing high-performance GRID bots that can make trading easier for the user.

The bots can help users achieve a throughput as high as 1,000 transactions per hour while simultaneously engaging in high-frequency trading.

As a result, traders will profit from any momentum in the market. either bearish or bullish and make the most of small price fluctuations all day long.

The bots are accessible around the clock and can increase the potential profit for everyone who uses them.

Their work in grid-based trading bots has opened up new market opportunities. The Bitsgap team is planning to release an automated bot that could also be used for futures trading. Futures are an essential part of cryptocurrency and make up a multi-trillion-dollar market.

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap revolutionized cryptocurrency trading with the introduction of the platform aggregator in 2017. The platform provides coverage for more than 20 major crypto exchanges and is very popular among novice and experienced crypto traders.

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