Thursday, January 20, 2022
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The protocols of the crypto town have been welcoming newer and emerging sectors like NFTs, gaming, metaverse, and DeFi. The diversifying crypto street has been receiving a notable influx of traffic coming from the aforementioned sectors. The fast-evolving crypto-verse has been witnessing overwhelming support from traders and investors.

Avalanche has been one among other chains which has been making hay while the sun shines. The network is staying true to its name, by inviting an avalanche of partnerships, adoptions, and integrations. The gargantuan scaling of the network has been garnering plaudits from the crypto tribe. The metrics have been infusing optimism amongst hodlers and traders.

Avalanche’s Himalayan Climb?

Avalanche has been witnessing a spur in listings, support, collaborations, and partnerships off-late. Courtesy of which has been an escalating interest amongst like-minded individuals and organizations, alongside the fundamentals. Trading of Avalanche’s token AVAX is now live on Kraken exchange, which the users of the exchange firm had been tarrying for.

Similarly, the network has earlier seen support coming from the crypto custody BitGo. The initiative will be enabling clienteles of BitGo including Bitbuy and Bitstamp to offer AVAX to their consumers. Earlier Circle had launched USDC on the network. Glacier a fundraising platform on Avalanche, sees its token GLAC going live on Trader Joe, a DeFi platform built on Avalanche.

According to sources, Insure Token collaborates with Avalanche, the collab brings home DeFi crypto portfolio insurance capability to the network. Moreover, SURE will be bridged to Avalanche. Penguin finance a gamified DeFi hub teams up with Avaxtars, which claims to be a new generation of Metaverse and P2E game built on Avalanche.

Colony a community-driven ecosystem accelerator on the network partners with Dogeon a gaming project built on Avalanche. Project Galaxy a Web3 powered on-chain credentials platform supports Avalanche. The alliance aims to bring community engagement and user retention of DeFi communities on the network.

Collectively, the NFTs built on the network have been soaring higher, with the top-3 ones being Avax Apes, Party Animals, and Avax Punks. On the other hand, the top-3 gainers in the ecosystem are Space which secured 117.9. The network has been hosting numerous projects which has been Santa’s sack of toys for the community. Hopefully, Avalanche’s makes its way towards the top-5 in the near future.

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